Award Winners 53rd (2010) CHAC Invitational Tournament

The 53rd Invitational Tournament resulted in a total of 597 scoring fish caught and 1,324 scoreable points.  The record was 2004 with 8,277 scoreable fish with 26,799 points.  Click here for team standings. 

The Award Winners for the 53rd (2010) Invitational Tournament are listed below.  Tournament winners for the past years can be viewed by clicking the appropriate year in the menu to the left.  For additional pictures from this tournament and for past tournament winners and pictures, see our Photo Gallery. 


First Place

Second Place
Eastern Shore of Virginia Anglers Club



Award presented by Larry Hardham
Team Members Carol McCracken (Captain), Ruby Creason, Sue Styron, Roberta Midgett, Rossie Jackson, and Linda Edwards

Award presented by Elizabeth Zentmyer
Team Members Bill Mariner (Captain), Clark Crockett, Marty Bull, Jamie Logan, Brain Hill, and John Conquest

 Third Place
Sand Bunnies

 Female Team Scoring the Most Points
Show Stoppers


 For the first time in the 53 year history of this tournament, two all-female teams took two of the top three places; and by rule, no tope female prizes were awarded.

This was also the second time in 53 years that an all female team took first place.

Award presented by Bill Vancura
Team Members Noelle Payne (Captain), Becky Masters, Julie Gray, Nancy Sebrell, Christi Rauscher, and Dawn Fenyak

Congratulations Ladies!

Largest Red Drum–Male
2 Way Tie

Dick Dimmig
Shop-N-Stop Hotliners

Jimmy Snead
SOVA Surfcasters

 Largest Red Drum–Female
29 1/4"&
Edgar O. Hooper Memorial Award
Rossie Jackson


Pictured from left to right are presenter Sheryl Fink

Pictured from left to right are Presenter Larry Hardham and Rossie Jackson

Largest Blue–Male
17 1/4"
2 Way Tie

William Harvey
The Muilletia

John Crute
The Bald Hooters

Largest Blue–Female
2 Way Tie

Yvette Everette
The Showstoppers

Janice Neuman
The Mermullets



Pictured from left to right are John Crute and presenter Sheryl Fink

Pictured from left to right are Yvette Everette, presenter Sheryl Fink, and Janice Neuman

Largest Overall Fish


Black Drum–23 1/4"
Doug Barker
Tri Village Anglers 


Sea Mullet–16"

Dana Blanton
Virginia Beach Sand Witches



Pictured from left to right are Doug Barker and Presenter Ray Schaaf

 Pictured from left to right are Dana Blanton and Presenter Ray Schaaf

Session Winners

1st Session
 2 fish/ 26 points

Sand Bunnies

2nd Session
9 fish/ 25 points

Eastern Shore of VA Anglers Club


Presented by Bob Davis (right) to Team Captain Noelle Payne-Booth

Presented by Kay Knowles (left) to Team Bill Mariner

3rd Session
14 fish/28 points
Ocean City NJ Fishing Club

4th Session
3 fish/40  points




Presented by Larry Cullen (right) to Team Captain Phil Keuerleber

Presented by Nancy Giannotti (left) to Team Captain Carol McCracken

Photographs Courtesy of Joe Gallagher