Award Winners 52nd (2009) CHAC Invitational Tournament

The 52nd Invitational Tournament resulted in a total of 3,171scoring fish caught and 6,162 scoreable points.  The record was 2004 with 8,277 scoreable fish with 26,799 points.  Click here for team standings.

The Award Winners for the 52nd (2009) Invitational Tournament are listed below.  Tournament winners for the past years can be viewed by clicking the appropriate year in the menu to the left.  For additional pictures from this tournament and for past tournament winners and pictures, see our Photo Gallery. 


First Place
Drag Setters (aka Sanduners International)

Second Place
Sand Fiddlers of Buxton


Award presented by Larry Hardham
Team Members Mac Magruder (Captain), Jeff Magruder, George McLean, Gene Meacham, Glen Paul, and Roy Parker

Award presented by Elizabeth Zentmyer
Team Members Pat Preston (Captain), Ted Moseley, Steve Evans, Budd McLendon, Donnie Ross, and Greg Cremia

 Third Place
Outer Banks Sportfishers

 Female Team Scoring the Most Points
Show Stoppers


Award presented by Bill Vancura
Team Members Garry Oliver (Captain), Jerry Burch, Clif Hannah, Art Levey, Chris Mercer, and Mike Swindell

Award presented by Sheryl Fink
Team Members Hazel Basnight (Captain), Vicki Basnight, Karen Cowell, Judy Mullen, Virginia Perlot, and Amah Petty

 Largest Red Drum–Male
25 3/4"
Jim McDowell
Roanoke Surfing Team

 Largest Red Drum–Female
24 3/4"
Debbie Harrison
Buxton Fishing Buddies

Pictured from left to right are presenter Connie Hartung and Jim McDowell

Pictured from left to right are presenter Connie Hartung and Debbie Harrison

Largest Blue–Male
18 3/4"
Rick Scarborough
The Sand Fiddlers

Largest Bluefish–Female
15 3/4"

Linda Moore
The Stormy Gales


Pictured from left to right are presenter Connie Hartung and Rick Scarborough

Pictured from left to right are presenter Connie Hartung and Linda Moore

Largest Overall Fish


False Albacore–26 1/4" &
Edgar O. Hooper Memorial Award
John O’Keefe


Sea Mullet–16"

Dana Blanton
Virginia Beach Sand Witches



Pictured from left to right are John O’Keefe and Presenter Larry Hardham


Session Winners

1st Session
 102 fish/ 199 points

The Rising Tides

2nd Session
10 fish/ 96 points

The Sand Fiddlers

Presented by Bob Davis (right) to Team Captain Pat Preston

Presented by Kay Knowles (left) to Team Captain Eddie Ochs

3rd Session
111 fish/195 points
Outer Banks Sportfishers

4th Session
67 fish/131  points

Slammin Sammy’s Hurricanes


Presented by Larry Cullen (right) to Team Captain Garry Oliver

Presented by Nancy Giannotti (left) to Team Captain Sam Stokes

Photographs Courtesy of Joe Gallagher