Award Winners 47th (2004) CHAC Invitational Tournament


The 47th Invitational Tournament was our best year ever–total fish caught 8,277 & total scoreable points 26,799.  Both of these were record highs.


The Award Winners for the 47th (2004) Invitational Tournament are listed below.  For additional pictures from this tournament and for past tournament winners and pictures, see our Photo Gallery.


First Place

Second Place
Slammin Sammy’s Hurricanes

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Pictured from left to right are Zander Brody, Andy Stephenson, Team Captain Edwin Ochs, Judge Larry Hardham, Buddy Jennette, Dave Carangi, & Rick Scarborough.

Pictured from left to right are Judge Connie Hartnung, Lance Newman, Wade Davis, John"Squeaky" Smith, West Wright, & Charlie Griffen.
Not pictured Team Captain Sam Stokes.

 Third Place
Sandunners International Fishing Club

 Female Team Scoring the jost Points
Queen Mackerels

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Pictured from left to right are George Mclean, Mac Magruder, Judge Bill Vancura, Team Captain John Watkins, & Wally Smith.
Not pictured Phil Kanis & Jeff Mcgruder.

Pictured from left to right are Team Captain Susie Vonsuskil, Linda Harper, Betty Sue Wright, Robin Stewart, Barbara Daniel, Linda Dunnigan, & Judge Howard Rooney.

 Largest Red Drum–Male
46 3/4"
Brain Warren
Raisin Rods

 Largest Red Drum–Female
18 3/4"
Carol McCrack

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reddrumcarol.jpg - 57.42 Kb

Pictured from left to right are Brian Warren and Presenter Lawrence Cullen.

Presenter Charlotte Rooney.

Largest Blue–Male
18 1/2"
3 Way Tie

Cliff Parsons
Eastern Shore Landcasters

Punkin Cropper
Ocean City Maryland Surf Anglers

Dave Turner
Ocean City Beach Association

bluemenwho.jpg - 55.89 Kb

Pictured from left to right are Presenter Nancy Giannotti, Dave Turner, and Presenter Helle Cullen.

Largest Bluefish–Female
16 3/4"

Bev Harding
Rod Runners

bluebev.jpg - 53.41 Kb

Pictured from left to right are Presenter Bob Davis and Bev Harding.

Largest Overall Fish

Speckled Trout–20 1/4"

Paul Leary, Jr.
Kelly’s Stiff Rods

Flounder 18 1/4"

Mary McAnally
The Fishing Lures




floundermaryndad.jpg - 55.20 Kb

Pictured from left to right are Mary’s Dad, Mary McAnally, and Presenter Chester Britt.

Session Winners

1st Session
117 fish/435 points

Slammin’ Sammy’s Hurricanes

2nd Session
161 fish/631 points


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2ndsession.jpg - 55.36 Kb

Pictured from left to right are Lance Newman and Presenter Ray Schaaf.

Pictured from left to right are Team Captain Edwin Ochs and Nancy Giannotti.

3rd Session
30 fish/90 points

Fish Squeezers

4th Session
34 fish/60 points

Ridge Anglers

3rdsession.jpg - 60.89 Kb

4thsession.jpg - 63.76 Kb

Pictured from left to right are Sara Winslow and Presenter Dee Hardham.

Pictured from left to right are Bob Burgess and Presenter Sue Glass.


Photographs Courtesy of Joe Gallagher