Award Winners 2006 Bob Bernard Individual Tournament

The Award Winners for the 2006 Bob Bernard Individual Tournament are listed below.  For additional pictures from this tournament and for past tournament winners and pictures, see our Photo Gallery.

ADULT DIVISION–ages 17 and over

 Largest Blue Fish
1 Pound 13 Ounces

Claude Baine

 Largest Flounder

3 Pounds 15 Ounces

Bill Hall

Presented by Steve Knowles

Presented by Claire Schaaf

 Largest Sea Mullet
1 Pound 3 Ounces
Greg Lioes

  Largest Red Drum
7 Pounds 8 Ounces

John Wood

Presented by Wayne Mathis

Presented by Ted Hartung

Largest Black Drum
3 Pounds 3 Ounces
Linda Marks

 Largest Spot
1 Pound

Charles Evanosky


Presented by Barbara Ackley

JUNIOR  DIVISION–ages 13 thru 16

Largest Blue Fish and Sea Mullet
1 Pound 8 Ounces and 11 Ounces

Charlie Griffin, III


YOUTH  DIVISION–up thru age 12

 Largest Bluefish
1 Pound 4 Ounces

Nicholas Midgett

Presented by Jean Simmons

Photographs Courtesy of Joe Gallagher