Nesting Shorebirds–A Cost Benefit Analysis

A document titled "Nesting Shorebirds–A Cost/Benefit Analysis" has been posted on the Island Free Press (  This document was written by one of our members (Virginia Luizer ) as a possible submission to the OBPA newsletter.  It was also submitted as a comment for the DEIS.  More recently, Mrs. Luizer sent this document to Representative Walter Jones along with as proof " that the NPS approach to balancing recreation with resource protection has been a abject failure and has cost the local community dearly."  Furthermore, Mrs. Luizer asked that Mr. Jones circulate the document and use it to garner the support you need to get H.R. 4094, Restore Access to the Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area.


In this regard, Mrs. Luizer has given us this document to post (Nesting Shorebirds–A Cost Benefit Analysis)  for anyone who wishes to use it.  Feel free to save it, attach it to letters, or just use parts of it to make points in letters you choose to write.


We need to counter the misrepresentations made by SELC, et al, the park service, and the DOI as they will appear before subcommittees claiming that the Consent Decree has been a resounding success.